Author, Speaker, Inventor, Innovator


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Who wants to change the world? 

Change requires daring. Eagerness to try something new. To open minds to see things a different way. And you know what? Change is also fun and rewarding! 

Everything Brownell creates is with this mission in mind. 

Brownell Landrum is one of a kind – and it's not just because she's the only person in the world with her name! She is a writer, speaker, inventor, and creator bringing forth new and innovative thoughts, ideas, and solutions to change the world in a fun and meaningful way. 

Brownell tells tales with a transcendental twist. She has written numerous inspiring screenplays for both film and television. She has also written ten books, including six novels, two nonfiction books, and three children's stories, some of which are self-published and some are waiting for the right agent/publisher to bring into the world.

Her writing can be summed up as follows:

“Lose yourself in the fiction… Find yourself in the truth.” 

Brownell’s books and scripts dig deep into the heart and soul of the human experience incorporating humor, love, and mystery. And she doesn't just write scripts/books. She creates empires. 

Brownell is also the inventor and founder of the patented DrawSuccess and DrawSuccess 4 Students programs that help individuals, organizations, and teams identify their “Inner Genius” to achieve peak performance.