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Turn Your Story Into a Story

Do you have a story you want to turn into a STORY? 

Do you have a story you want to turn into a STORY for the Life is a Trip podcast? Are you interested in submitting a story to the podcast? Great! Specifics are below.

First, let's share some story basics. This video will show the way, offering tools for understanding basic story structure, character development, plot, and more.




Resources mentioned in the video:

The Present Short Film: For copyright reasons we needed to delete the short film entitled The Present referenced in the video. You can watch here:

Themes: Click here to download an extensive list of themes Brownell has collected.

Enneagrams: This website is fantastic for exploring Enneagrams. 

Abbie Emmons: And I sang the praises of Abbie Emmon's videos on storytelling. Check out her YouTube channel:

Please listen to-like-share-review the Life is a Trip podcast! A place where you can listen to Past Life, Reincarnation, Afterlife and other Metaphysical stories – whether fictional or factual!

Podcast Website:



FAQ to Submit a Story: 

Should I submit a short story or a short film script?

• We showcase both short stories and short film scripts. In case of the latter, we work with professional actors to read and record your stories. Short film scripts should be under 20 pages. Short stories should fall in the 1,000 to 3,000 word range.

Is there a fee to submit? 

• No fee at this time. 

Does my story have to have a reincarnation/past life or metaphysical theme?

•Yes. The purpose of the Life is a Trip podcast is to showcase stories related to reincarnation, past lives, the afterlife or similar metaphysical concepts. 

•Stories can be fictional or factual or somewhere in-between and can be romance, mystery, fantasy, magical realism, comedy, or drama. Please note that we do not allow horror-themed stories. 

Do I have to be a member of the Life is a Trip group on Facebook?
•Yes. We're building a community to support one another. Also, it should be noted that no member of the group is allowed to block the Admins, especially Brownell. We need to be able to communicate with our writers/members. Thanks for understanding. 

Am I required to help promote the podcast?
•Well, yes. This is a collaborative effort and we all must be willing and eager to put ourselves and our stories "out there." 

Who owns the work?

•You own your work. If you get an offer to produce or publish it elsewhere, great!

Can I write with a team?


What other requirements are there?

• You must be a member of the Life is a Trip Facebook group to submit a story.For ideas and writing prompts, Click here to join. 

How can I get a writer's or actor's credit on IMDb?

•As you can see on this link, all episodes with the writer's and actor's names are listed on IMDb. If you're a writer or actor who want a link to their page just have to let us know the link to your page. If you don't have an IMDb page, you can set that up yourself quickly through IMDb-Pro. 

Can I help be a judge?

•Yes, please! We would love that! Contact Brownell through the Life is a Trip group on Facebook.

Any questions? Check out the Life is a Trip group on Facebook.