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Denouement – The Art of Letting Go (from the musical of that same name) – Lyrics by Brownell Landrum

You hesitate
To turn the page
You hold your breath
For a darkened stage

You never want
The show to end
Instead you plead
To begin again

It’s painfully hard
To say goodbye
You want to hold on 
To beg, to cry

You offer a prayer
For one more try
And then you quit
With a heavy sigh

There is an art
To letting go
The story’s at an end

The denouement
The final act
Like losing a best friend

I’ve been your fan
Since the opening act
I’ve read each page
And laughed each laugh

And now I’m here
To make a vow
And hold your hand
For your final bow

The denouement
A fond farewell
We celebrate 
A life lived well

The denouement
The last adieu
The world’s at peace
The hero… grew

You Rescued Me (Music and Lyrics by Brownell Landrum)

Note: This song (waltz) needs real musicians and a singer – but you get a rough idea. blush It was written for a TV show script. 





I looked for clues a hint or sign
To find someone I knew was mine
I knew you were out there, alone and maligned
Your hope in knots, your fear resigned

I was alone
Could not foresee
You’d come along
And rescue me

Beyond the realms of time and space
I searched for you in ev’ry face
The soul has no gender, no creed and no race
Love can be found in any place

And then one day
You set me free
I gave my heart
You rescued me

Love is love peace is peace
No one is more no one’s least
Open your heart, feel love increase
There’s room for all, enjoy the feast

My love is true
Here’s my decree
I rescue you
You rescue me