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who wants2
who wants2
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To change
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Who wants to change the world? 

Brownell Landrum is an author, inventor, songwriter, and explorer of metaphysical mysteries. In addition to being the host and executive producer of the Life is a Trip Reincarnation Stories Podcast and the author of The End  and the upcoming We Meet Again trilogy, she is the author of over a dozen books and screenplays ranging from nonfiction (Five Reasons Why Bad Things Happen) to fiction including The DUET stories novel series, children’s books, and more.

Her stories can be summarized as follows:

Lose Yourself in the Fiction… Find Yourself in the Truth.

Brownell’s stories dig deep into the heart and soul of the human experience incorporating humor, mysticism, love, and life. Her areas of expertise and metaphysical topics she enjoys include:

– Reincarnation and past lives

– Fate, destiny and free will

– Purpose and passion

– And – always – delving into the WHY.

Brownell’s projects include:

We Meet Again novel and television series

The End short story

Five Reasons Why Bad Things Happen: How to Turn Tragedies Into Triumph

Life is a Trip Podcast 

DUET stories novel series

Wonderactive Children’s books, including Sometimes I Wonder and This Isn’t My First Time

INSPIRITORS middle grade novel and feature film (coming soon)

Denouement  novel and film (coming soon)

Fifty Shades Deeper

And more!

Brownell aspires to be a literary luminary of metaphysical mysteries. To contact Brownell to be a speaker for your podcast, radio show go here.