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While You Can

My brother and I wrote this song as a memorial tribute to my father, Robert K. Landrum:

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While You Can – version #1

While You Can – version 2


While You Can

© Kinny Landrum and Brownell Landrum

We go through our lives
With pain and regret
But there's a solution
We sometimes forget.

Find joy in the moment,
Embrace the now.
There's love all a-round you,
I'll show you how.

Remember your loved ones
While you can.
Take care of your loved ones
While you can

A touch is a gift you can give
That lasts for as long as you live

So treasure your loved ones
While you can
And tell them you love them
While you can

Be thankful and you will realize,
Shown through your eyes,
Love's twice its size.

Hold onto your mem'ries
While you can
Hold tightly or they'll
Slip through your hands.

Then even when you're apart,
They'll al-ways be in your heart
Remember your loved ones while you can.