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Scripts and Screenplays

Yes!  Brownell has written screenplays, too!  Here are the loglines for a few of her projects:

Transitus: (feature film) A reporter tracks down the story of a mysterious experiment that's dramatically changing people's lives.

The Journal: A Transitus Story (short film): An angry, tortured high school student finds a journal that shifts his perspective on life. 

Transitus (television series:) Explore the mysteries of the world… beyond.

The Dreamory: A DUET stories film: Theme: The transformative power of a memory within a dream. Story: A man, disillusioned with life, finds renewed strength, purpose and love.

I'm The Man (feature film): How far would you go to put the spark back into your marriage? With her 15-year marriage falling apart, a successful attorney and loving mother makes a decision that sets in motion a series of harrowing events forcing her and her husband to fight to be together. 

If you know anyone in the film industry looking for fresh, new content, let Brownell know!