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Robin’s Song

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also – for fun – here's another familiar song from Peer Gynt… (I'm guessing you've heard this one!)

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HERE ARE THE DRAWINGS! EXPECT JOY! heartDrawings of Robin – examples – pdf (click anywhere on this sentence).

Here's the song/symphony I mentioned. It's called Morning Mood from Peer Gynt by Edvard Grieg. 

Version 1 CLICK HERE
Version 2 CLICK HERE

If the audio doesn't play, here's a youtube video with the song. 


Also – here are the 2 videos for my novel series. The first one I did myself:


This second one was done by the book trailer people, who used the same music from above… (Note: I got this music from a great inexpensive source called If you aren't crazy about Peer Gynt, I have found a ton of other options on that site you can check out. Just let me know!)