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Patience is a Waste of Time

Patience is a Waste of Time is a book that Brownell is currently writing.  To learn more, go to


Patience is not only no longer a virtue. it’s a waste of time.  Good things don’t happen to those who wait, they happen to those who hustle.  What you don’t know can hurt you.  And no news is rarely good news. 


In the real world of capitalism and competition for jobs, we simply cannot afford to be patient.  Individuals and organizations are being challenged with becoming more efficient and “doing more with less.”  Those that are too slow are being left in the dust by others that are more daring, determined and responsive. 


Patience is a Waste of Time breaks paradigms, breaks down patterns of behavior and

breaks through the barriers to change.  By offering new ways to look at the factors that cause impatience, identifying the motivations for enacting change and providing a revolutionary approach to prioritizing projects to achieve more reward with less effort, Patience is a Waste of Time is a solution to accelerating accomplishment.