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Illustrator Contest

Do you want to enter the Artist/Illustrator contest and win $500 upfront, plus a contract to illustrate the entire book?  

Great! Here's some more information…



What's the title of the book?

  • The title is: "Sometimes I Wonder."  

What's the story?

  • The theme for "Sometimes I Wonder" is inspiring, motivating, fun, comforting and life-affirming.  In order to be effective in the illustrations, you'll have to "get" the message of the book!
  • The message of the book is one that will appeal to adults as well as children.  While the theme is quite different, the tone is similar to the Dr. Seuss book, Oh, The Places You'll Go!  
  • Once you submit your name, we'll send you the text/verses for the first book. 

What kind of images do you want?

  • See below for a list of suggestions and guidelines for the artwork.  

How do I enter?

  • Fill in the contact form. We'll send you the text to the book. Then email us your 2-3 "pages with images.  

What's the deadline for entering?

  • All entries must be submitted by midnight on Sunday, May 31, 2015.   

Who is Brownell Landrum? 

How will the books be published and marketed?

  • Because of the special messages in the (books), we will self-publish the books (in print and electronic formats).  Not only will this be more profitable, it will help us share the revenue as a fundraiser for some really important causes, i.e. hospice, children's hospitals, etc.  In addition to traditional marketing, we will launch a crowdfunding campaign and other activites to raise funds for these charities as well as .  It will be very exciting!  

How will the winner be selected?

  • Brownell will select the winner based on the following criteria:


    • Following the guidelines listed below
    • Fit with the tone and theme of the book
    • Visual appeal

So…beyond winning the $500, what can I earn for illustrating the rest of the book?

  • The full book is 22 pages – 21 verses plus a cover.  (Note: The number of pages could increase if the artist/illustrator gets inspired to break a verse into multiple pages).
  • The price for the rest of the illustrations should, of course, be reasonable and will depend on a number of factors (length of time to complete, price-per-image, royalties and other considerations) and will be agreed upon with the winning illustrator.  

Will there be an opportunity to illustrate more than one book?

  • Yes – perhaps!  We have two books written, and probaly more to come, though we're just starting with the first one.

Guidelines & Suggestions:

  • Submit 2-3 images that give your "vision" of how you would illustrate the book. (More would be great!) 
  • Make sure to icorporate/integrate the text with the artwork.  
  • Use bright, happy colors
  • The concept for the book is to have it so that as you open the book, the full color artwork with the verse is on the right, and the left side of the page is a mirror image of the right page – except it is in black and white.  This is so the child can "color" in the left side page any way he or she wants.  Therefore, the artwork should be done so that it can be translated into black-and-white artwork.  However – your entry should be in full color.  
  • The images throughout the book should fit the verses, yet also have continuity/consistency as well.  
  • As you will see when you get a copy of the book text, the imagery is very important – while at the same time not very "clear."  Here's an example of the first verse in the book:

Sometimes I wonder

If this isn't home

And I don't mean Paris 

Or London or Rome

  • As you can see, it's not going to be an image of Paris or London or Rome.  ;) 
  • Please – No "characters"

    • If people or kids are included in the design, we don't want the images to associate with a particular race or nationality.  This book is for all races and nationalities!
    • If animals used, they should be for design only, not a character (ala Mickey Mouse)
  • Artist must commit to completing the rest of the images for the project (for additional compensation, of course!)

  • While the designs must be "originals" created yourself, some suggested inspirations include the art of Peter Max, Doodle art, Where's Waldo, Dr. Seuss (but with brighter colors, not pastels).  Some ideas to give you inspiration are on this link: Illustration Ideas for Contest
  • The text/verses/story is protected by copyright, so you will not be able to use the text, story or any verse anywhere else without violating copyright law.  You can, however, use your artwork (without the text) elsewhere if you're not the winner of this contest.  By submitting your name below, you acknowlege that you're aware of this copyright notice.  
  • If your artwork is chosen, it will be incorporated into a revised copyright for the book – so we're both protected! 

What You Win:

  • $500 Cash Prize
  • Illustrator credit
  • Additional compensation for competed project (Payments and/or royalties – let's discuss!)
  • The ability to sell and promote the verses and images separately through other media (art gallery, posters, internet images, etc.) as well!  Let's discuss!