Author, Speaker, Inventor, Innovator


Brownell Landrum is a nationally recognized speaker, trainer and author. 

To hire Brownell to speak to your group, Contact Brownell. 

Brownell offers an engaging and interactive Speaker Program for your group:

  • Stimulates Creativity and Gathers Ideas from Your Organization’s Greatest Resource  – Your People!
  • Creates Instant Team Understanding and Synergy!
  • Makes Your Event Fun and Interactive!
  • Produces Quantitative Measurements of the Strengths And Effectiveness of Your Organization!
  • Participants Learn More About Themselves and Each Other – and How To Communicate and Collaborate!
  • Integrates Your Company’s Management In a Way that Helps Them Build Rapport with the Audience!
  • Offers Insight Into Your Team’s Viewpoint on Key, Relevant Business Topics!
  • Delivers an Actionable Report After the Session!