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This page is to offer love and support to people going through a challenging time…

Pet Bereavement 

Click here for some lovely stories and poem to help in your time of loss: pet bereavement


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And this lovely poem written by my friend Karen:

There is a place far away, thats also quite near, a place our pets go, when they are no longer here.

Its over the hill and past the ridge, it is a beautiful place called the Rainbow Bridge.

They come in all shapes and sizes, different colours and breeds, they dont ask a lot of us, just basic needs.

Yet the love that they give us is true and loyal, they deserve to be treated as if they are royal.

Our fur babies are special, and part of our family tree, our hearts break in half when its time to run free.

But know you have been blessed to have laughed and to love, when they run over the bridge held by angels from above, our fur babies are free to run fast and to bark, never again to be in the dark.