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The Fourth Kind of Intelligence

Most people are familiar with the standard measurement of intelligence: the IQ test, which basically measures a person’s ability to see logic.

The next common form of “intelligence” is knowledge – the breadth and depth of information someone has.  How much you know about how much.  Some people know one subject in extreme depth.  My brother, for example, knows a lot about music, from composing it, to the styles and techniques of songwriters to a vast knowledge of different artists, songs and compositions.  He reads about music, takes vacations surrounding the subject of music, etc.  He knows A LOT about music.

The third form of intelligence is EQ, or Emotional Intelligence, brought to the mainstream by Daniel Goleman.   Goleman has also written a book about Social Intelligence.

But isn’t there a fourth kind of intelligence?  What about the people who can see beyond logic?  The real creators, who come up with ideas no one has ever considered before?   Who are these people?  What makes them unique?  How can you describe them? Let’s call this “Creative Intelligence.”   Can this form of intelligence be measured?  If so, how?

I’ll explore this topic in future blogs.  In the meantime, I’d love your ideas!

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